Annual Summer Track and Field Development Program

The annual summer track and field program consists of 8-10 weeks of age appropriate supervision.   Age groups run 10-under, through 19-over.  Initially, conditioning sessions begin in May and are held 2-3 times a week.   Regular summer practices begin in June through July with practices  three times per week at the Deemer Park Track Facilities near Warren Western Reserve Middle School, 200 Loveless SW, Warren, Ohio (8 lane, 400 meter, all-weather track with field event areas included).

 The Striders Track and Field Development Program encourages participation in low/ high intensity competitions locally, in state and out of state.  The club participates in the USA Track and Field Association Junior Olympics at District, Regional and National levels.  (AAU series for the J.O.s, is optional)

Summer competitions are held on the weekends throughout the state, as well as out of state.

Program Features:

  • Team Uniform   
  • T Shirts
  • Earned Awards  
  • Club Picnic
  • Media Publicity
  • Fund Raisers
  • Travel

Fundamentals and Skills:

  • Practices begin with a warm-up ritual and routine drills.
  • Age appropriate coaches supervise and conduct practices / activities
  • Practices conclude with a cool-down ritual.
  • Dismissal after the distribution of informative handouts, etc. as needed


  • Warm-up and cool-down routine.
  • Flexibility and stretching for injury prevention.
  • Coordination and reaction drills for running form and leg speed.
  • Event workouts for stamina, strength, speed.
  • Relaxation, visualization and recovery techniques.
  • Start techniques and drills with / without starting blocks.
  • Finish line drills.
  • Baton passing drills / techniques for relays.

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