The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc, is a grass-roots non-profit, tax exempt, charitable youth track and field development organization,  founded January 25, 1977, by Jack C. Thornton, Jr.

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. is open to all youth and adult track and field enthusiasts regardless of age, sex, race, or athletic ability.  The organization draws its low / moderate income membership locally from Warren and Trumbull County, OH Public and Parochial School Systems.  The Striders also have an affiliate group encompassing Stark County Youth.  Since its inception, the Striders have served over 300 members representing two generations.

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. is certified by the State of Ohio as a non-profit corporation and is exempt from federal income tax as a 501(3)(c) charitable organization. (ETN:38-3648190).  As a result all donations and financial contributions are tax deductible.

Program Goals

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. encourages participation in low / high intensity competitions, as well as encourages academic commitments to excellence.  Additional program goals promote family and community interaction, good citizenship, and positive self-esteem.  The Striders help reduce youth apathy, and   negative youth activities, while attempting to create a "sound mind and body".  Furthermore, the program encourages the benefits of long term healthful exercise, physical fitness and good nutrition.

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. offers an organized, positive, foundation to all local area youth and adults, by hosting events, as well as having a strong presence in local, regional and national competition  Participation and volunteerism promote the idea that "Each One Should Teach One"

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